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Alarms: to be used to wake you up. Can be set to a certain time and the alarm will sound at that time.

Analogue: a clock that shows the time by the hands.

Automatic Watch: designed to set the time automatically rather than manually.

Base Metal: not very valuable type of metal.

Battery: known also as a cell and gives power to all quartz watches so they can run.

Bezel: the ring around the watch. They could be many design to the bezel, for instance they can be placed with diamonds or crystal for a stylish look for the watch.

Bracelet: made up of small links to fit your wrist, which can be alternated. They can come in many different types of metals such as silver and gold. You can also find some watches with expanding bracelets that you can slip onto your wrist.

Bracelet Set: a watch with a bracelet that comes with another matching bracelet. Normally with the same design as the watch itself.

Buckle: the buckle on a leather strap.

Carat (CT): the volume of the purity of gold. Gold watches can come in 9 carat gold (37.5% gold) or usually 18 carat gold (75% gold). They can vary from prices but the purer the gold the more expensive.

Chronograph: commonly known as a stopwatch which measures time in different forms such as minutes and seconds and milliseconds. You can stop and pause this timing.

Crown: this is used to manually set the time on a watch. Most watches are able to clip or screw down for extra protection on non-water resistant watches.

Dial: the face of the watch can be with a unique design or just a plain dial. Features are altered on different watches and some may have extra features such as lights.

Digital (LCD): Liquid crystal display (LCD) to show the time. Many now come with Light Emitting Diode (LED) which displays the time in light form.

Dual-display, Duo time, Travel centric: mainly used when travelling to set the time for two different time zones. This will help you keep track of two times at once.

Glass: the front of the watch used mainly for the protection of the dial. There are various different types of shapes, oval, round, flat etc. The glass can be made from many different materials such as mineral acrylic and sapphire crystal.

Gold Plated: this is normally done over the stainless steel as a finish when the watch is coated with real gold. PVD gold plating are on most quality watches and will never rub off. Hallmark: needed in the UK for the identification of an authentic gold watch.

Hands: used to show the time on an analogue watch.

Keeper: commonly found on strap watches to keep the strap in place once it has been fastened.

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display: To show the time on many digital watches.

Stainless Steel: a highly common material used for watches. It is rust proof and doesn’t allow the steel to scratch. Stainless steel is also highly durable and flexible in terms of the watches appearance.

Water Resistant: defines how suitable your watch is under water. The level of resistant is usually measured in metres. Watches have different levels of water resistance and these are shown below:

3ATM is up to 30 metres of resistance. You could use this for daily use when in the shower or washing dishes.

5ATM is up to 50 metres of resistance. You could use this for swimming but mainly in shallow water only.

10ATM is up to 100 metres of resistance. You could use the resistance level for swimming in deep water and is also ideal for snorkelling.

20ATM is up to 200 metres of resistance. This is mainly used for skin diving.

If needed a higher resistance level than 20ATM for your activity, it is advisable to get a watch specially designed for diving.


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